‘Going Off the Grid’ With Elephant Structures

Going off the grid

‘Going Off the Grid’ With Elephant Structures

2022 is probably hitting a little different. We aren’t as comfortable or posh as we once were. Suddenly, the world is not such a big place anymore. Those far off battles and catastrophes don’t seem so removed for our collective consciousness. The global pandemic reminded us that the smallest incursions on the complete opposite side […]

Metal Warehouse for Lumberyards

Lumberyards need a lot space. Even an axe swinging, lumberjacking Paul Bunyan would be feeling a little cramped at most massive saw mills and yards today. With demand exceeding output at most milling facilities nationwide, lumberyards are teeming with freshly cut wood awaiting refining before being shipped straight to the builders. Most of the green […]

Should I Get a Diesel or Gasoline Vehicle?

America is car culture. We full-throttled enthusiasts just can’t get enough of the nuts and bolts of mechanics. We thrive on high octane performance and a quest to get the most life out of our engines. If we aren’t out pushing the limits of aftermarket modifications or tinkering with the horsepower, we’re holed up in […]

Going Green With Elephant Structures

做了you know that by purchasing a tough as nails garage from Elephant Structures, you could actually be helping the environment? While most building materials deplete our natural resources, steel garages and carports are made of recyclable materials that could lessen your carbon footprint. Once timber is refined to lumber and used in the building […]

How to Outsmart Rising Building Prices

If you’ve spent any amount of time at your local hardware store or lumber yard, you’ve definitely noticed the rising costs of building materials. Lumber and steel pricing continues to eclipse record high pricing. But what gives? Why is everything suddenly so expensive? Without getting too political, a host of economic factors play into the […]


Earthquakes remain an unpredictable force of nature. Unlike tornadoes and hurricanes, victims receive virtually no warning of the impending catastrophe. By the time the earth begins to shake, unsuspecting residents can do little more than to find a sturdy doorway to ride out the earth’s liquifying force. Conventional wisdom suggests that a safe room or […]

Steel Racing Garages Will Keep Your Engine Revving

Stockcar racing is steeped in the hills of Appalachia. The multi million dollar sport can trace its humble roots to the crooked roads of the backwoods during the era of Prohibition. Looking to skirt sideway glances from Johnny Law, the Mountain Rum Runners ‘souped up’ their Ford sedans to deliver the forbidden fruit mesh hooch […]
A custom metal barn from Elephant.

Why are Barndominiums Cheaper?

Compared to traditional wood construction, or the heftier and oversized red iron I-beams, tubular barndominiums are the most cost-effective storage option. With an emphasis on streamlined engineering and assembly, steel barndominiums provide turnkey storage to protect farm equipment and livestock while solving everyday storage dilemmas. As housing and building materials continuing to skyrocket, many people […]

Farmer’s Almanac Predicts ‘Season of Shivers’ in 2022 Winter Forecast

冬天的天气情人快乐!经过数周的blitering summer heat breaking records nationwide, the nation could be headed toward a much needed cool down. Farmer’s Almanac projects the upcoming winter to be a “season of shivers.” Going one step further, the almanac’s editor said this year could be “one of the longest and coldest that we’ve seen […]

Why is The Real Estate Market So High?

Realtors nationwide agree. The real estate market is hot and unlikely to cool anytime soon. But what gives? Why is the real estate market so high? Rising prices for building materials, an urban exodus spurred by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and historically low interest rates continue to buoy any market volatility. There’s no doubt about it. The […]