Fire departments continue to choose steel over wood in protecting the communities they serve

钢革命继续s. All across America, businesses and government agencies are discovering the durable and cost effectiveness of prefabricated metal buildings. Unlike their wooden counterparts, these sturdy and brilliantly designed steel structures are silencing the naysayers and have proven to be integral parts of the communities. Not only have retail and commercial enterprises benefited […]
garage fire safety

Garage Fires: Choosing the Right Extinguisher

Picture the perfect Saturday; spending time in your garage, tinkering with your favorite car, and drinking a cold beer. Suddenly, a fire breaks out near a cabinet filled with chemicals and paint cans. You need to act fast, but all you have is half a can of brew and the shirt on your back. It’s […]
Commercial 40 x 60 metal buildings

40×60 Metal Buildings Provide Great Versatility

If you’re going to be making an investment in a large commercial building, you should be sure that your hard-earned money is going towards the best structure available. Luckily, here at Elephant we have a wide array of durable and affordable 40×60 metal buildings that are the ideal solution for your home or business needs. Commercial Metal Buildings from Elephant […]