Metal Barns

Rockin’ out in your custom Elephant Structures garage

Metal garages were never intended to just be a place to store your car. At least not an Elephant Structures garage. We’ve had high hopes and dreams for these buildings the moment we began fabricating your made to order steel creations. Customers across the continental United States have harnessed their imaginations in spiriting away their […]
2022 Winter Forecast

Bring out your inner genius with a steel metal garage

What does Disney, Google and Apple Computers have in common? They can all trace their humble beginnings to the friendly confines of a quality-made garage. Steve Jobs perfected early schematics for the personal computer from the security of his parents’ garage. Decades earlier, Walt Disney darkened lines for his prized comics that would […]

Agriculture in America: A Look into the Future

The Future of Farming Agriculture and farming, for the average American, seems more of an archaic past-time than a means of making a living. Looking back 200 years, the majority of Americans engaged in some sort of agricultural work. Some citizens practiced subsistence farming, growing enough to feed their families. Others used it as a […]
metal barns and agriculture

Barns, Agriculture, and a Very Warm Spring

With such an uncertain year ahead in agriculture and farming, why not make a safe investment with one of our custom metal barns? The start of the 2017 year has been marked by some of the warmest temperatures in history. The month of February saw countless records broken all across the country. Chicago and Minneapolis […]

How I Learned to Love the Barn

Ok, so there’s no reason to hate a barn, but… If you live in the country, like me, you probably drove past an old wooden barn on the way to work. Where I live, there’s a decrepit barn situated right on a curve. Here in the mountains, we’re used to curved roads. But this curve happens to […]