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How a metal carport or garage can enhance your bank account and way of life

像任何一个精明的商人,你想要一个最优再保险turn on your investment. After depositing several thousands of dollars into a new project, you expect to see dividends sooner rather than later. Profiting from a sound investment could mean a reduction in overhead costs, as well as additional collateral when looking to secure funds for your […]

Rockin’ out in your custom Elephant Structures garage

Metal garages were never intended to just be a place to store your car. At least not an Elephant Structures garage. We’ve had high hopes and dreams for these buildings the moment we began fabricating your made to order steel creations. Customers across the continental United States have harnessed their imaginations in spiriting away their […]

Fire departments continue to choose steel over wood in protecting the communities they serve

The steel revolution continues. All across America, businesses and government agencies are discovering the durable and cost effectiveness of prefabricated metal buildings. Unlike their wooden counterparts, these sturdy and brilliantly designed steel structures are silencing the naysayers and have proven to be integral parts of the communities. Not only have retail and commercial enterprises benefited […]

像所有伟大的发明,航天飞机起源go back to the garage

Metal garages are the mother of ingenuity. Their existence itself is a testament to creativity in the face of adversity and a response to the changing needs of humanity. Before WWII, wood was the favorite building material of contractors nationwide as the abundance of hardwood and the advent of electrical sawmilling allowed for custom manufacturing […]
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Bring out your inner genius with a steel metal garage

What does Disney, Google and Apple Computers have in common? They can all trace their humble beginnings to the friendly confines of a quality-made garage. Steve Jobs perfected early schematics for the personal computer from the security of his parents’ garage. Decades earlier, Walt Disney darkened lines for his prized comics that would […]
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How Safe is Your Carport or Metal Garage?

How-To Store Your Property Safely When customers call in to Elephant Structures, the main thing each of them brings up is what they’re storing inside the building. The property within each structure is the main focus at the end of the day. It often comes up in the customization process that customers will opt for a […]
Electric car charger made by Tesla.

Tesla Proves Yet Again Electric Cars Are the Future

Tesla has been making waves in the automotive industry for years now and shows no signs of stopping. Just recently Tesla and CEO Elon musk unveiled their latest “Model 3” units. The owners of Tesla’s have nigh on become enthusiasts, and the video below is reminiscent of the late Steve Jobs and Apple’s tech reveals. Fervent […]
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Keep Criminals Away With a Metal Garage

Thinking about buying a metal garage? Now may be the best time. With the warm weather here to stay, you’re soon to see many more people enjoying their time outside. From going to the beach to traveling for vacation, the summer months are a bust but enjoyable time for most. However, there is also one […]
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Metal Garage: Tips for Controlling Summer Pests

By choosing to build with metal over wood, your shelter will be inherently safe from dangers like wood rot, warping and waterlogging, and termites. These factors can compromise the strength of your wooden building and can even be harmful to your health after prolonged exposure. A metal garage is far cleaner and much more durable than a traditional […]