How to Outsmart Rising Building Prices

How to Outsmart Rising Building Prices

如果你花时间在当地的hardware store or lumber yard, you’ve definitely noticed the rising costs of building materials. Lumber and steel pricing continues to eclipse record high pricing. But what gives? Why is everything suddenly so expensive? Without getting too political, a host of economic factors play into the fluctuating costs of new construction. As you probably know, the coronavirus pandemic continues to thrown wrenches into any well-oiled logistical machine. Just as things appear to be returning to normal, a new variant slows down a rebounding economy. Simple economic principles of supply and demand compound already stressed supply lines and the dwindling availability of the labor market can be felt from the sawmills to the sea ports. So, if you’re looking to get a new project off the ground what can you do? Fortunately, our experts continue to refine tips on how to outsmart rising building prices.

Snagging the Best Deals on Tools

How to Outsmart Rising Building Prices

Like most consumer products, tools and equipment typically go on sale during Labor Day and Black Friday. Several regional based stores have sales and specials throughout the year. Many of these companies will even reward repeat customers with discount and savings cards that allow craftsmen to reap these rewards for years to come. Online shopping has also taking out some of the run around in shopping for the best deals. Simply ‘point-and-click’ to find the best deals near you. If you still find yourself priced out of the market, consider purchasing used or discounted power tools and equipment. ‘Used’ products receive a bad rap. Many of these tools were just used once or twice or purchased by gear heads who wanted to take advantage of annual sales and specials. Instead of using the tools immediately, they simply just put them aside on the back shelf. You can think of men and tools like women and shoes. Sometimes, they just can’t get enough of a good thing. To take advantage of great deals on used tools, head down to the local restore offices of the Habitat for Humanity. Not only can you find a good deal, but you can also contribute to worthy cause. If you’re still determined to find professional grade equipment, call around to local contractors and builders who might be willing to sell you some of their items. Because of the professional caliber of their work, these seasoned veterans are much more likely to complete scheduled maintenance for tools and equipment.

How to Outsmart Rising Building Prices With Crowdsourced Building Materials

Most DIY’ers looking to buy lumber or steel for home improvement projects make the mistake of not buying in bulk. Intuitively, it doesn’t make sense to buy stacks of lumber for a small deck extension project. Why would you? Most likely, this is the only project on your schedule for the upcoming season. Why let wood sit and deteriorate once exposed to the elements when you can only buy what you need? But what if there is a cheaper way to buy only what you need without breaking the bank? It’s time to think against the grain a little. Instead of considering individual purchases, consider crowdsourced building materials. Do you know of a friend, family member or neighbor who also has a building project? Ask around. By going into together with other fix-it-uppers and buying building materials in bulk, you can save hundreds on building materials and get exactly what you need.


Building from scratch can be expensive and eat up a lot of your free time. Sure, we understand those projects won’t finish themselves, but a more cost effective option exists. Once you combine the costs of tools, lumber and the unavoidable repeated trips to the hardware store because you forgot something, building from the ground up an cost a small fortune. To make the most of your hard earned money, consider aprefabricated steel building garage or carport from Elephant Structures.As an experienced and certified manufacturer, we order our raw materials in bulk and then pass on the savings to you, the customer. Our experienced engineers can also make precise load calculations for your region to ensure your metal building can withstand snow load and weather unique to your state. Why leave anything to guess when our expert engineers can ensure you receive a sturdy building that will last for decades to come. Buying a prefabricated metal building today can also save you money down the road if you’re forced to rebuild only a few years later.

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