Metal Buildings by Elephant Structures

Elephant Structures is the premier supplier of custom steel metal buildings. Whether you’re looking for aBOB·体育(中国)官方网站 ,BOB(中国)手机版 ,b0b体育平台下载 , storage facility, or for commercial retail or warehousing, the experts at Elephant Structures can meet your needs. Our experienced building advisers will walk you through the process of finding the perfect metal building that will meet your budget requirements and one that will exceed your expectations.

Metal Buildings for Every Need
Our metal buildings are all available to be customized online and come in a variety of styles, so you’re sure to find the right design to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for commercial, industrial, residential, or agricultural usage, metal buildings for sale online from Elephant Structures are a powerful, versatile solution to all your building needs. And because each building is engineered with longevity in mind, you’ll get a steel building that’s unmatched in terms of durability and structural integrity. Every custom metal building of every style is built with components made with the finest steel and engineered for ultimate precision and quality. Our installation teams are friendly, experienced, and ready to help bring you the perfect steel building. You’ll be able to tell the difference by the unsurpassed quality of your metal structure.
Certified Metal Buildings
Each of ourmetal storage buildingscan be certified to withstand harsh weather conditions and help you meet building codes. We’re always ready to help you tackle your steel building needs. Our easy, step-by-step process is designed to bring you eye-opening building that’ll last – and one that’ll strike envy in your friends and neighbors. And if you want the gratification of building it yourself, you can use one of our premium metal building kits.


People like you are the backbone of America. That backbone needs the support of steel. We’ve compiled an array of pre-engineered metal building designs that provide spectacular support for your business or personal use. By conquering your metal building needs, you can enjoy the unequaled strength of our metal buildings. When you work with one of our metal building kits, you’ll have a steel building you can be proud of. By taking part in this uniquely gratifying experience, you’re achieving peace of mind with the knowledge that your storage is safely stowed away in a building of your own making. A steel building makes everything easier… and Elephant Structures has a steel building for sale that can make it easier still.

Metal Building Styles
Our metal building varieties include carports, garages, barns, and extra wide steel buildings. Each style is unique: Our carports can be outfitted with any number of walls, while garages are fully enclosed.b0b体育平台下载 are equipped with lean-tos and are perfect for agricultural use, as well as additional parking or storage. Finally, our clear span, extra wide metal buildings are perfect for large-scale building needs.

BOB·体育(中国)官方网站 Our carports are fully customizable metal structures. They come in three roof styles: Regular, A-Frame, and Vertical. By customizing the roof style, color selection, and panel orientation, you’ve started down the road to unbeatable carport benefits. You can add walls, windows, and doors for a more private, yet accessible, metal carport. Each metal carport is custom-built, so you can design a carport for one car, two cars, or more. Or you can let us design it for you! Customizing and ordering a carport is easier than ever.

A metal garage from Elephant Structures is a custom-built steel building and a perfect solution to your metal building needs. Each garage is built for quality and precision and constructed according to your storage or parking needs. We offer garage doors in a variety of sizes, along with walk-in doors and windows. Our garages are versatile. You can use them in any number of applications. Garage durability is a must: Each one is constructed with the finest steel components, bringing you the strongest metal building in the industry. Select a garage for one car, two cars, or more!

我们的金属谷仓和t定制的结构he high degree of durability you’ve come to expect from Elephant Structures. Built with precision and expertise, our metal barns are quality solutions for your storage and agricultural needs. Horse barns, boat storage, and farm equipment storage are all common applications for our structures. Our metal barns may have many purposes, but they are all strong, versatile, and built with longevity in mind.

Premium industrial strength metal buildings with clear-span 40 feet to 60 feet wide structures.
When you need 40-60 feet of clear span space, our extra wide buildings are the perfect solution. Whether for commercial or personal purposes, our extra wide metal buildings create the perfect space for any number of uses. Whatever you’re looking for in a building, our metal building experts are ready to help you design an extra wide metal structure that’s perfectly constructed to fit your precise specifications. Clear span construction allows for a variety of applications not afforded by buildings with columns. Customization is easy; our streamlined process lets you select any number of windows, walk-in doors, or garage doors for easy access and functionality. Contact an Elephant Building Specialist today to discuss your needs and the best solution.